The Easy Winner Cup Game at Burger King


Besides being an ad for an interesting mid-eighties fast food game, this commercial also has a few other nice gems. Including some familiar celebrity faces and a soft drink that you might not associate with Burger King nowadays.

From 1983 up until about 1990, BK served Pepsi products. This was a big deal at the time. The Cola Wars were raging and Pepsi was ascendant. But not in my house. My Mother was a strict Coca-Cola drinker (my father liked Royal Crown) and extremely brand loyal, so when Burger King made the shift, this was a big deal and negatively impacted our eating at Burger King for years.

I also mentioned some celebrities and this very simple commercial has three that I recognize. You have Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live fame, Jeff Altman who is a Late Night with David Letterman comedy favorite and of course Paul Wilson who you might recognize from Cheers, Office Space and It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.

So enjoy this seemingly simple commercial with a lot going on…


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