Halloween Costume Suggestions: Marty McFly From Back To The Future

Halloween is just a mere 16 days away! We’ve now reached the point in which the deciding of ones costume has become even more important, because if you have to put your costume together from scratch you might need at least a week to get all the various props. So maybe instead of the Visitors from V or Rell the Cyclops from Krull we should be looking at something a little simpler and something that won’t take as much…time…to complete?

Like Marty McFly from 1985’s Back to the Future?

Images courtesy of Sashasunji's deviantART page.
Images courtesy of Sashasunji’s deviantART page.

These pics from Sashasunji’s deviantART page are fantastic, I would say you could probably even substitute the hoverboard from Back to the Future II with a cassette tape Walkman or even better carry along an old video camera.

Back to the Future - Marty McFly - Sashaunji


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