Halloween Costume Not-So-Fit For A King


As fans of retro we can’t get through a Halloween season without revisiting Ben Cooper and Collegeville costumes. We all know the nostalgia these costumes have around the holiday. They’ve always been considered poorly designed costumes but today make great collectibles.

However, I’ve never thought the masks were that bad. They kind of cut into your face but the design of them at least resembles the character. It was the outfit that never made any sense. Why would a character have a picture of themselves on their chest?


King Kong was no exception. The 1976 movie had it’s share of merchandise and the classic flame-retardant costume was one. Like I said, the mask is fine. It looks like a gorilla. The outfit, however, is just a lame reprint of the movie poster. So am I dressing up as King Kong or am I dressing up as the movie? Why not just make the outfit look like a gorilla’s body? I guess no one would know you’re King Kong unless you say so but still.

King Kong hasn’t really made much of an impression on Halloween. Except for his size, he looks like a normal gorilla unlike movie monsters like Godzilla who have a unique look to them.

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