Halloween Costume Suggestions: Rell The Cyclops From Krull

So perhaps the idea of going as the Visitors from the 1983 miniseries doesn’t strike you as the way to go for a Halloween costume this year, we can understand that. Maybe what you are looking for is the chance for one night to step into the shaggy boots of Rell the Cyclops from 1983’s Krull?

You too could have the chance to portray a noble warrior whose race traded one eye for the knowledge of the future to the Beast to only learn that the portents they have been gifted is to the time of their own demise.

Now in Krull, Rell is deadly with a trident, but you can understand why the Great Pumpkin over at the Halloween Forums went with the axe in these photos. A trident is kind of unwieldy when you are out and about on Halloween night, especially when you only have the one eye to see out of!

Image courtesy of the Great Pumpkin.

Image courtesy of the Great Pumpkin.

Images courtesy of the Great Pumpkin.

Images courtesy of the Great Pumpkin.

To get you in the mood for how to behave in such a costume why not watch this clip from Krull?

[Via] Movie Clips


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3 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Suggestions: Rell The Cyclops From Krull

  1. Puts my plan to go as Crow from Hawk the Slayer this Halloween to shame.

    I imagine you would be explaining to many people at your Halloween party who you are.

  2. Six Million Dollar Jedi, was it because of the trident?

    Retroist…wait…are you saying there are people who do not know who Rell the Cyclop is?! What is this mythical land you refer to, Sir?!

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