The Basis 108 Microcomputer

A friends of mine’s father traveled a lot on business and he had a home office that was supposed to be off-limits to everyone. Naturally when he was away curiosity got the better of use and we would look around. He had some pretty cool collectibles from his travels and obsession with the New York Yankees, but what I remember most was his computer.

It was the solidly built Basis 108. Now at the time I fixated on the very cool, but slightly retro looking monitor and didn’t realize this was a powerful Apple II clone capable of using most that system’s hardware and software. What made it even cooler is that it had a second CPU, a Z80 processor. So in addition to DOS 3.x, you could also run under CP/M.

Eventually I think the Basis 108 got into legal troubles with Apple and they had to stop being made, but even after that dedicated group of fans existed throughout the Eighties.



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