How About A Dinner With Drac?

Dinner With Drac - Peter Pan Records - John Logan
The first time I ever heard the novelty song ‘Dinner with Drac’ it was on an excellent Peter Pan Monster Mash LP, it also happened to be a version done by John Logan.

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Years later, I would learn that the original singer for this wonderful ditty was none other than TV horror host, the one and only cool ghoul known as Zacherley! It turns out that John Zacherle was good friends and sometimes fill-in host for Dick Clark on road tours for American Bandstand, their friendship would lead to Clark helping Zacherle record and produce ‘Dinner with Drac’ in 1958.
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3 thoughts on “How About A Dinner With Drac?

  1. ddsw says:

    Holy friggin cow. I didn’t know anyone else had ever heard of this record. I remember waaaay back in kindergarten our class had a record player and a bunch of records which we could choose to play. We chose Dinner With Drac every time.

  2. I never saw this peter pan version. I did however have the original version on some collection of weird/wacky/crazy songs when I was around 12 (I had several such album. The first was called loony tunes & I got it because I thought it would be bugs bunny/etc, in the end I think I was happier with it being what it was than I would have been if it had been what I was expecting). Bit of trivia: There’s a “part 2” version of this song by zacherly, but it was not a sequel, it was a reworking. Apparently the censors thought the original (aka “part 1”) would be too gruesome with things like betty tasting like spaghetti & the singer being on the menu, so “part 2” was a more “kid friendly” version (for example, instead of “the main course was me” in the original, it says “the only normal person was me” in part 2). You can listen to it here:

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