1980 Fall Fashions and a Phone Booth

Both of these models look good in their new fall duds, but the real star of this photo, the quad phone booth. In a world where it is hard to find a phone booth anymore, it is even more difficult to find the variants that used to pepper the urban landscapes. I guess you can still find them sometimes in places like airports, but what you are seeing now is nothing compared to the massive public payphone areas that used to exist.

I hope you enjoy this photo and that maybe it will inspire you to take a moment to appreciate this dying technology.



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3 thoughts on “1980 Fall Fashions and a Phone Booth

  1. Dar says:

    This is actually a cool idea, surprised it didn’t become more common.

    Still can’t compare to the legendary British red booth.

    I sometimes miss such public phones as I don’t have a cell phone.

  2. I always make a note when I happen to still see a phone booth. Two I had noted were ripped out this summer. I wonder where they wind up? Maybe someone’s yard?

    These multi-booths were cool, but when they were all in use it was a bit challenging to hear the person on the phone, especially if it was in a busy area. At one of my earlier jobs, our company had a cafeteria and right outside the door they had a quad phone setup similar to this. It was always in use to the point that they added 4 stools to the setup.

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