Sesame Street asks kids in 1984, “What is a Computer?”


In this segment from 1984, kids are asked “What is a Computer?” The answers are pretty decent and show a burgeoning understanding of what computers are, which I think is surprisingly good from kids in elementary school in 1984. They also intercut some footage of kids drawing on a Jack-in-the-Box and playing a word/picture game on their school’s TI machine.


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One thought on “Sesame Street asks kids in 1984, “What is a Computer?”

  1. I like how the girl said that it helps you to read. My mother credits the computer for increasing my reading comprehension back in elementary school. Apparently, I was below average. Then she got me an ADAM computer and within a couple months, my ability grew exponentially. She was sold on the Coleco commercials about their computer being good for education. Guess they were right on that.

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