Musical GLO Land


In the mid-1990s I went through another Smurf phase after picking up a small trash bag full of them for $6.99. I started buying everything I saw and by mistake picked up this Musical GLO Land toy. It had a smurfy feel to it, but the scale was a little off, but it still looked pretty good on my shelf amid and covered with Smurfs.

As you will see in this commercial, it has a sort of the right look…

When I was reducing my collections a few years ago, one of the things I let go of were my Smurfs. I have some away and sold a bunch of them. To my surprise, the first thing that sold and it went fast was this Musical GLO Land, which worked as it turns out, but lacked a box or instructions.

Just goes to show you that sometimes you are sitting on a gem and you don’t even know it.


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