What 1986 looked like to a lot of us…

This art print by Matt Leunig, which is already in its 3rd printing, captures the feel of 1986 perfectly. I spent many hours bathed in just the glow of my television set playing video games, a bowl of cereal and/or trusty drink by my side waiting to knocked over by mistake.

How many things in this picture can you relate to?

[via] Matt Leunig


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6 thoughts on “What 1986 looked like to a lot of us…

  1. There’s one crucial flaw in that pic, the fact that the TV has buttons & a digital display instead of knobs (especially since that’s a small (presumably 13″) set). I’ve never had a small TV without knobs, and I’ve never had any TV with the number buttons & digital display like that. After knobs I went to sets that only had 5 or 6 buttons (ch +/-, vol+/-, power, menu) and onscreen only displays.
    Also, I didn’t get an NES until around 1990 or 1991 (in one package was the NES, in another under the same tree was SMB3).
    One thing that’s bugging me in that pic is on the shelf just over the kid’s left shoulder you can see some kind of knight with batwings on his helmet. That helmet looks very familiar, but I can’t place from where…..

  2. ktorster says:

    If you search Google images for 1986 televsions, you will see ones like that. I remember having one in the mid 80s with only buttons, couldn’t have been more than 20″.

  3. Dar says:

    Hmm, maybe 1986 a year or two too early for the NES to have been too wide-spread in the US.

    but it certainly speaks ot me of 1989.

    Love the He-Man figures, though not sure how many kids would still have their He-Man toys out on display 2-3 years after the cartoon went off the air. Such loyalty was never a feature of small children.

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