Buckner And Garcia’s Lost Classics! E.T (I Love You)

Buckner And Garcia’s Lost Classics! E.T (I Love You)

Hey kids, your boy IseeRobots here. Now, we all know Buckner And Garcia right? You know, Pac-Man Fever, Do The Donkey Kong, and all that. Now I thought that was really all there was to their catalog. The one Pac-Man Fever LP. I didn’t actually look it up to see if that’s all there was or anything, it was just all that I’d ever heard from them and I left it at that, until today.

While poking around and looking at recommended videos on my YouTube playlist I saw something that I’d never seen or even heard of before. E.T, I Love You by Buckner and Garcia. Are you aware of this? If so, I’m a little upset that you didn’t let me know sooner. That’s kinda mean. If you were caught totally unaware like me here it is for your listening pleasure…


Anyway, the song was part of a whole second album that they released in 1999 called Now And Then. I think I was too busy doing other stuff at the time to even realize that Buckner And Garcia had returned to the scene! How could I have been so preoccupied? I was prolly too busy pumping Who Dat by JT Money or some other mediocre hip hop tune that time forgot.

The record isn’t much to call home about but it also features a song about Mr.T called well, Mr.T.. I wasn’t able to find a good video for the song so you’re gonna have to sit through one that some yahoos made if you wanna hear it.. It’s pretty cool though and more than likely worth the time. Just close your eyes. It’ll be easier that way…

They also recorded a song about pogs called Pog Wild on Now And Then but try as I might I couldn’t find a video for it on YouTube. Ya, I know, that sucks but how about if I include the song they did for Wreck-It Ralph instead? It’s really good. Still though, I’d like to hear that pog song. If you happen to have a copy of it let me know. Heck, post it here.. I’m sure us fools would love to hear it!

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  1. Heh…I remember dancing around like an idiot to Do the Donkey Kong.

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