Retro Radio Memories: Hall Of Fantasy – “The Automaton” (1953)

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Retro Radio Memories! This week we have a wonderful episode from the Hall of Fantasy series entitled “The Automaton”. Originally airing on July 27, 1953 on the WGN broadcasting system this series was created and written by Richard Thorne, who would write what is assumed to be the entire run which is believed to be 207 episodes.

This episode deals with the creation of…you guessed it…an automaton. Dr. Erik Zeigler with the help of young Dr. Drake Sheridan are able to bring life to the machine. Once the automaton is activated it develops a malfunction due to it’s self-defense programming. That glitch causes it to kill a guard at the laboratory…can Dr. Sheridan, Dr. Zeigler, and his daughter Elizabeth find to way to stop the automaton before it escapes the lab?

So why not take 25 minutes for yourself and join us this morning as we visit the Hall of Fantasy and learn of the dangers of the Automaton, here on Retro Radio Memories?


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