I Really Need To Add This 1983 Qbert Flying Disc To My Collection!

I Really Need To Add This 1983 Qbert Flying Disc To My Collection!

I was a big fan of Q*bert when it was released into the wilds of the arcades back in 1982. I watched the cartoon segment offered on CBS’ Saturday Supercade and had a wind-up toy as well as PVC figures and the board game, which was incredibly fun! What I did not have in my collection however is this awesome 1983 Qbert Flying disc from Parker Brothers!

It’s a toy that seems like it was the easiest thing to agree on for manufacturing, but until I stumbled across an image on Marvin’s Flying Disc Collection I can say I’ve honestly never seen one before.

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One of the problems with being a big video game fan back in the golden days of arcade games was the lack of merchandise. Sure you could find some bootlegs and a couple of official pieces, but they were few and far between. Even the ones that did exist were sometimes mildly clever, but mostly generic seeming. That makes this Qbert Flying Disc much more special. Not only is it a toy that you could play with, but the theming and toy choice was perfect. This matched the design and look of the discs in Qbert perfectly.

Now I am not sure how aerodynamic this disc would be. Having Qbert on the top seems like a possible impediment to flight. It is difficult to know until I get one of my own. When I do, I will come back here and report. Unless I find one that is still in its bag, then that is going into a cabinet never to be thrown.


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  1. I never knew that existed. Makes total sense!

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