CHiPs pull over HR Pufnstuf

CHiPs pull over HR Pufnstuf

CHiPs pull over HR Pufnstuf? Ponch and Jon are always on alert for any moving violations and other dangers on the road. From car thieves to drunk drivers, from dirt bike riding cattle rustlers to tractor-trailer truck hi-jackers. You can also chalk up the ever-loving HR Pufnstuf amongst the miscreants these California Highway Patrolmen have had a run in with. Watch as Ponce and Jon give high-speed chase after Pufnstuf. Who seems to be stuffed inside a ’76 Honda Accord with some really nice custom striping.

Watch CHiPs pull over HR Pufnstuf

Looks like Pufnstuf got off easy with just a slap on his dragon wrist. But I don’t envy whoever is in Pufnstuf’s suit. What with that long walk back to the TV station under the hot Californian sun.

HR Pufnstuf’s cameo is from a 1977 episode of the first season of CHiPS titled “Green Thumb Burglars.” Although the good Mayor Pufnstuf had nothing to do with the criminal element of this episode, his appearance added the lighthearted, comical moment that was a hallmark in each episode of the series.

According to, that ’76 Honda Accord would’ve set back Pufnstuf about $3995.00, which is around $16,727.75 today, base model of course. This must’ve meant his 1969 TV show residuals were still paying off nicely for ole Pufnstuf. Makes you wonder what Witchie Poo was driving around in 1977?

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