“We Were There” Intellivision Flashback Commercial Is So Great!

I’m not sure who came up with the approach on this commercial for the upcoming Intellivision Flashback console but they sold me on it in the first twenty seconds of the ad. Now granted this console is kind of marketed to those of us who visit the Retroist so it wasn’t that hard of a sell…still…it brought a big smile to my face.

[Via] Intellivision Prod.

From the official Intellivision site:
“Intellivision® Productions, Inc. is proud to announce the upcoming release of Intellivision Flashback®, a self-contained video game console that plays 60 built-in classic Intellivision games such as Astrosmash®, B-17 Bomber and the popular sports titles. Intellivision Flashback is a product of AtGames Entertainment, makers of the popular Atari Flashback consoles.

Attendees of the Classic Gaming Expo in September, 2014, will be able to try out the Intellivision Flashback in the Intellivision Productions booth.

The official release of Intellivision Flashback will be October 1st, 2014, in stores throughout the United States. Distribution in other countries will follow. Suggested retail price will be $49.95.”


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