Finally a great Japanese Product made in America, Benihana

This early ad for the now world-famous Benihana restaurant chain plays off America’s anxiety about Japanese manufacturing and superiority in the eighties. You would see that in advertising, TV shows and even movies (Gung-Ho and Die Hard for example). I was still a kid at the time, so I really didn’t have an opinion on the subject throughout the 1980s, outside of yelling “America rules!”, when anyone tried to put it down.

The Benihana concept intrigued me though and I said to myself that one day I would eat at one. Now this might seem like pretty low hanging fruit for a “bucket list” item, but I still have not eaten at a Benihana, but I pass one all the time and I think it might be time to make it happen before this year ends.

If the chef makes any cracks about American manufacturing, I cannot promise I won’t start yelling “America Rules!” Some things just can’t be helped (Rock, Flag and Eagle).


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