Pee-wee’s Playhouse on Blu-Ray!

The wonderful people at SHOUT! Factory are bringing us Pee-wee, Cowboy Curtis, Konky, Magic Screen and Jambi in eye-popping hi-def neon with a Blu-Ray release on October 21. The set includes all 45 original episodes and four hours of brand new extras.

I dearly loved this show and take a sort of sadistic pleasure in showing to younger folks who didn’t grow up with it. A lot of them just don’t quite “get it” if they didn’t grow up in a time when everything kid-related seemed to be so in aqua and hot pink. But watching the bafflement on their faces and the inevitable “What IS this?” questions always brings a smile to my face.

“You just don’t get it kid…”

So pop Pee-wee in your Blu-Ray player and remember, whatever you do, don’t to say the secret word.


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