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Sometimes my friends do cool things. And sometimes those things intersect with the interests of the Retroist community. And given the love seen here for role-playing games and vintage pop culture, I consider it a moral imperative to clue you in to Spirit of ’77. What’s Spirit of ’77, you ask? Only the first RPG to specialize in 70’s pop culture. The characters and adventures take their cue from the films and TV shows of the era, with more than a little tongue-in-cheek humor. (Example: Their debut module was called Cruise Ship of the Damned. Think zombies on the Love Boat.) I don’t think I can really do this game justice, so let me let me borrow the creators’ own words:

Spirit of 77 is a role-playing roller-coaster about kung-fu tough guys, fast fuel-burning street dragsters, red hot mammas, explosions and fighting The Man. It’s a world where Nixon made a deal with aliens to win the Vietnam War and remains in power behind the scenes for more than a decade. Street gangs dressed like pirates roam the big city looking to rumble with bare knuckle brawlers and their pet ape. Corrupt county sheriffs chase bootleggers down lonely country roads that always have a conveniently placed dirt ramp for jumping the creek, and rock and roll superstars use the power of Glam to fight an alien menace from beyond the stars.

Easy to pick up for novice role players, and with plenty of options for the experienced, the rules of Spirit of 77 are geared towards encouraging over-the-top, pedal-to-the-metal action. You know the type: leaping cars, swinging from rooftops, blowing up tanker trucks, and punching bigfoot right in his hairy face.

Can you play Spirit of ’77? Absolutely! You can keep abreast of their play test sessions at monkeyfunstudios.com. If you can’t make it to their home base of Los Angeles, they do online play tests, too, and venture out to various game conventions. They are launching a Kickstarter this week to get the game published. I plan to throw them a few bones!



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