Chatbot by Tomy

I guess I can add Chatbot to the pile of toy robots that I wanted as a kid. Chatbot was a pretty straightforward remote-controlled bot, but he also contained a cassette recorder so that you could record you voice and have Chatbot “speak”.

I pictured this little guy giving voice to feelings I would have never spoken aloud. In retrospect, it is probably good I did not get him because the first time I sent him out to give my sister the verbal business after forcing me off the living room television, he would have been smashed. This is not a guess. I actually asked my sister what should would have done last weekend and she laughed maniacally and said, “I would have smashed that robot to pieces.”

In the ad for Chatbot, he is used as the guardian of a clubhouse for a set of twins who think people saying “rhinoceros” is hilarious.


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