The GI Joe Silver Mirage Motorcycle vs. the Cobra Flight Pod

I had both of these very cool GI Joe Toys, but they cause a lot of grief between myself and my one friend who was still playing with GI Joe when these were released. Yes the Silver Mirage Motorcycle looks super cool and has some firepower, but the Cobra Flight Pod can fly and hover and also has some impressive firepower. I would contend that the Pod had the advantage in every match-up, but he was insistent that the Mirage, by employing fancy moves, could out race and outgun anything. How many times could I allow him to gun down the Pod using a wheelie while shooting? A surprising number of times actually. Ah, the things you do to maintain a friendship.

Even in the commercials, the undoing of the “Trubble Bubble” was it hitting a tree and yet the Mirage with its trio of hangers-on gets the credit for the take-down.

It is something we never resolved and I will go to my grave insisting upon the superior capabilities of this piece of Cobra hardware over a tricked out motorcycle.


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