Play Four Games on your Game-Time Watch

When game watches hit my hometown, they hit big. Everyone wanted one and they were getting confiscated by annoyed teachers by the drawerful. Most of the ones I got to see were single game watches, nothing like this Game-Time Watch that plays Four games (not just one or two). That line in the ad about playing four games is by far the thing about this ad I like the most, but I also enjoy the lined about the watch having too many features for them to mention. What could those be besides the games?

I have not been able to locate a Game-Time watch, so I guess that will remain a mystery for now. Even without knowing what those features are I am fairly impressed with the watch itself and would have loved to have it on my wrist back in 1983.


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2 thoughts on “Play Four Games on your Game-Time Watch

  1. ddsw says:

    Holy cow, I totally had one of these. It was awesome. I’d forgotten what it was called though. I think I received it as a birthday gift after a ton of begging.

  2. Matt Fisher says:

    I was not lucky enough to have one, but really wanted one. Made by the same company that came up with the Vectrex, General Consumer Electronics. Wish I could go back in time and buy a truckload for $39.95 each! They go for a little more now… Also wish I had cleaned out the local target when they were blowing out new Nintendo Virtual Boys for $19.99 (!!!!) after it got cancelled. I did get one, though, which I still have.

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