All the world’s a stage when you got a Yamaha Guitar

Hiking was not something I got to do as a kid. I just didn’t live in the right environment for it and it was not something my family did for fun. As an adult though, I have come around to it and try to get out there when I can. On a recent hike in late summer, I was going up a pretty steep path and when I did I was greeted with some sweet guitar sounds from a guy who had brought his trusty acoustic guitar half way up the mountain to play.

I knew I had seen these ads by Yamaha when I was a kid telling people to do this, but this was the first time I saw it in action.

It shows some unique dedication to you music when you are willing to haul a large rigid instrument along for the ride. Maybe he likes the attention it brings or maybe he just thinks that nature makes the best venue for playing his soulful folk rock? Either way, I think he and everyone who does what Yamaha was telling them to do in this early 80s’ ad, deserve a round of applause for helping to make the trails a little more interesting on a hot buggy summer day.


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