“Video Games” By The Toons (1980s)

I stumbled across this music video from the early days of MTV this afternoon and thought it was the perfect song to listen to while heading to the arcade this weekend!

I had some great difficulty in trying to find some information about the band called the Toons or the exact year this video originally aired, though a few items pointed out they were contributors to the Doctor Demento show with “Looking At Girls” and the “Punk Polka”.


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5 thoughts on ““Video Games” By The Toons (1980s)

  1. “Video Games” is from the album Looking at Girls (1982). You can see The Toons discography here:


    They’re a California band and started out as The Cartoons. Very influenced by Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, although you can’t tell from this track. The arcade in the video looks familiar. It could be the Malibu Grand Prix in Northridge (1974 – 1994). Lefty Limbo might know.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, 2 Warps to Neptune! What little I’ve been able to listen to online, I like them quite a bit. )

  3. After seeing this music video, I am tempted to make my own video game themed music video, but I also want to employ the dated hair styles & clothes. Maybe a mustache too.

    Not surprised they were contributors to Dr. Demento.

  4. Parker Lee says:

    I was in the band. Can give you answers to any questions you might have about The Toons

  5. Mr. Lee thank you very much for the kind offer! I will be in touch shortly if you wouldn’t mind a little online interview.

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