How could I resist Dial-A-Chipmunk?

As I have stated a few times on the site, I had a real problem resisting calling 976 numbers that gave me access to Santa Claus and Howard the Duck. Just about anything I saw on TV, I wanted to call in and get a special exclusive message about. So when Dial-A-Chipmunk commercials started running, I ran to the phone, briefly considered the consequences of when the phone bill would arrive, and called.

For the next minute or so, I was in Chipmunk fan heaven as I listened intently to the squeaky voices on the phone.


I cannot remember what the punishment for this call was, but it usually involved some sort of labor. Things like extra yard work or cleaning the basement were favorites of my Mother. So I earned my Chipmunk call with sweat. Was it worth it? You better believe it!


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