Frodo of the Nine Fingers

Memories of Frodo of the Nine Fingers

The first time I saw the 1980 Rankin Bass animated version of The Return of the King was at a friend’s home in the 1980s. It would be at least a decade before I saw it a 2nd time and in the intervening years I would reshuffle the songs in my head until they sounded completely different from the original version. One that was particularly catchy was Frodo of the Nine Fingers, which in my head was a lot slower and bassier.

Watching it again, I enjoy it and it certainly makes a lot more sense than the version I made up. This version was written by Maury Laws and Jules Bass. It is performed by Glenn Yarbrough. In the movie, it is sung by the Minstrel of Gondor to help recount Frodo’s journey to destroy the One Ring.


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