King’s Quest

King’s Quest – A Classic Adventure Returns

Although I had my heart set on an Apple IIc, my father thought that IBM was set for some success with their line of PCs. So, our first computer was an IBM PCjr (still running – thanks IBM!) and one of my first games was King’s Quest. The good folks at Sierra crafted a brilliant adventure, one that took full advantages of the PCjr’s color palette. They followed this up with a series of fantastic King’s Quest games, especially installments II – VI. Over time, the Sierra properties were acquired and reacquired by several firms, eventually landing with Activision. They’ve been dormant for some time – until this press release in which Activision announced they are bringing out a new King’s Quest game. I’m hopeful they turn out a quality product that lives up to the game’s impressive heritage, and stays somewhat true to its point-and-click adventure origins. If it is a success, maybe a new Space Quest will be on the horizon too, ushering in a new golden age of adventures. A gamer can dream.


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