RCA Selectavision CED

The $19.98 RCA Selectavision CED Preview Videodisc

My friend has a Selectavision CED player when we were young and I really didn’t understand what the technology was back then. I assumed it was a digital medium. Years later I would later that it was actually analog. Since then I have become even more fascinated with these players and I enjoy browsing videos about them online.

This week I found this promo video that’s main point is that you can pick up 100s of their movie titles for under 20 bucks. While this is the purpose of the video, that is not really what is great about it. Instead what I like is the deep dive you take into the early 1980s. Featuring “stay at homes” throwing a party (that you are the guest at) and showing how this groundbreaking technology is making lives better, this is the type of video that kept me awake nights dreaming in the 1980s.


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