Hubba and Bubba

Hubba Bubba Commercials featuring Hubba and Bubba

The Hubba Bubba commercials I grew up with featured the “Gum Fighter”, who blew the biggest and baddest bubbles in the west. I was unaware of how they marketed this gum in other countries until recently when I discovered commercials online featuring Hubba and Bubba.

These two animated mascots were used in other countries and I believe these commercials were meant to be used in languages other than English since the lip synch is pretty poorly done and the packaging on one of the commercials if from a non-English market. They are super silly , but I find the animation, pacing, voice and music pretty charming and would not have minded seeing these as a kid.

Here are Hubba and Bubba facing off against Pirates…

and here they are involved in a boxing match…


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