Flash Gordon Pinball

1981’s Flash Gordon Pinball By Bally!

Ming the Merciless has a good point in that pinball flyer from Bally, who will save us now? Luckily in 1981 the Earth could not only count on Flash Gordon being there to save us from the tyrant of Mongo but a willing army of pinball players who had pockets full of quarters and tokens to aid the legendary space hero and his allies.

To be fair I have a hazy recollection of playing this table in the wilds of the arcades of my youth. I believe it might have been at one of our local bowling alleys but like I said, it’s a little hazy, it could have possibly been at the local mall.

Flash Gordon A1 - Bally - Arcade Flyer Archive

Flash Gordon F - Bally - Arcade Flyer Archive

You can see for yourself how the table played thanks to this video uploaded by Sylvain Simard over on YouTube.

A big thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive as always for the awesome scans of the flyer you see above.


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