Gremlins Golden Book

1984 Gremlins Golden Book Is Great!

Thanks to one of my best friends cleaning out his collection I was able to snag this awesome Golden Book tie-in for 1984’s Gremlins, plus a few other goodies I will share with you in the upcoming weeks.

This particular volume “To Catch A Gremlin” focuses on the last third of the classic movie, with Billy, Kate, and Gizmo destroying the Gremlins in the movie theater and then going against Stripe in the department store.

Gremlins J

The Gremlins are a little different from their movie counterparts, not exactly in style but how they behave. Sure you have some Gremlins getting their kicks breaking things like in the film…
Gremlins B

…but then you start getting some darker illustrations…
Gremlins C

…especially in regards to Kingston Falls animal population!
Gremlins E

Gremlins D

This Golden Book adaptation also shows you the lighter side of Stripe.
Gremlins F

Gremlins G

I think my favorite illustration in the book however is the last page, just because it actually has the name of the Montgomery Ward store chain.

Gremlins H

Now if you find yourself with a hungering for more Gremlins, might I suggest you give the Retroist Gremlins Podcast a listen?


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