1980’s Sears Tele-Games ‘Space Invaders’ Manual

I’ve said before on the Retroist that one of the greatest gifts of being an employee of the Arkadia Retrocade was I come in contact with some very awesome vintage items. Sometimes Players that frequent the arcade will literally brings us a box full of old games they found in their attics, games still in their original boxes!

That was just the case with this Sears Tele-Games cartridge of Space Invaders, Tele-Games being the label that Sears sold as their own brand in their department stores from 1977 to 1983. We opened the box and not only was the manual included but a warranty card to boot…I somehow doubt that warranty is still valid though.

Space Invaders Cover

Hey, maybe looking through this manual and getting to know what game variations you can choose has you itching to power up your 2600 and take on some Space Invaders? Before you do that I definitly think you should take some advice from an earlier post by the Retroist and watch “How to Beat Video Games: Space Invaders” that was originally released by Vestron Video back in 1982.

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