Return Of The Retroist.Com Junk Box Signups

Return Of The Retroist.Com Junk Box Signups


Hey kids your boy IseeRobots here again! So it looks like it might be time to get the good old Retroist Junk Box started up again. It’s presently parked here in Santa Rosa with your good pal and mine Gino Vega but Gino is ready to get it out in the air again at the drop of a dime. We just need some abled bodied men and women to take up the Retro Junk cause.

Are you that person? Maybe right? Well, in case you missed it the first time around what the box is a collection of traveling Retro Junk stuffed into a Large USPS Priority Box.

What you do once you get on the list is wait, ya, it might be awhile before it gets to you but this is when you gather up stuff for your turn, ok, so you wait and then when it gets to your house you take some stuff out and put some stuff in and send it off to the next person on the list. Sounds fun right?

It really is a fun time. Last go around we had maybe 15 people and I think we can do better this time.

Need more info? Here is a link to the last set of box postings. Take a look and see if all this is something that might interest you.. RETROIST JUNK BOX!!!! I’m pretty sure that it will.

So you must be asking yourself, how can I get down? Well hop on over to The IseeRobots Facebook page and contact me there with your name, address and a picture of your current ID card. I know that seems weird but it’s necessary to keep the box safe. There is a lot of cool stuff in there. Don’t worry I won’t do anything weird with your info. Ask around, all the folks from last year are still safe and sound.. If you aren’t on Facebook you can email me at You’ll get a faster response on Facebook though. I check it and post on it like all the time…

So, make sure to sign up! It’s gonna be a great time! I promise.

Well kids that’s enough from me today. Got a second to spare? Hop on over to the new and somewhat improved You won’t be sorry for long.


Reigning County Fair Comic Book Trivia Champion, Overall doer of good things and general winner. Keep your hoodies on and your boots laced.

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  1. What is that little boat robot toy just above the potato ?

  2. I believe that is the Autobot known as Seaspray, Spottedfeather! :)

  3. And that looks to be another Chicken McNugget. I must add it to my collection.

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