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Deborah Sussman Dies at 83

You might not recognize her name, but you should know her work. Deborah Sussman was the designer who brought the 1984 Summer Olympics to life in vibrant hues and pastels. She was a designer who helped shape the Los Angeles style of the 70s and 80s – most notable the […]

Marx Brothers for Cheetos

The Marx Brothers for Cheetos

This commercial sadly not feature the original Marx Brothers, but shot in 1985, it has some decent impersonators. It really speaks volumes about the longevity of the Marx Brothers, that even in the mid-1980s, impersonators could be counted on to sell products. I would say that they were probably targeting […]

Magnum P.I. Outtakes

Magnum P.I. Outtakes

It has been a while since I check the bonus features on my Magnum P.I. DVDs, but I believe some outtakes were on one the seasons. These Magnum P.I. outtakes are not from the DVD, but were instead pulled from a UK VHS release called, “Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments”. I […]