Anson "Potsie" Williams

Anson “Potsie” Williams from Happy Days Posed for the Camera in 1980

My sister had a big crush on Anson Wiliams who played Potsie on Happy Days. She even had a magazine clipping or two that she would hang up on her wall like the one pictured below, so that she could gaze lovingly at him as she fell into Happy Days-inspired slumber. This particular image was from around 1980, when Anson was 28 and Happy Days had already been on the air for 6 years. I think by this point my sister’s interest in Anson had waned a bit, but I am sure if she had spotted him in this tank top and sun medallion posed against the blue sky background, things would have instantly reignited.

Not enough Anson on the internet, so please enjoy.


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