Gamma World

Long live the Restorationists of Gamma World!

I participated in a too short-lived Gamma World campaign that my friend ran. The rules of Gamma World were very compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons rule set and our DM/GM cleverly had us start in magical fantasy setting and had us transported to Gamma World. Over the next few months we fought a nihilistic mutant death cult and joined the Restorationist faction.

We started out with 4 players and in the end it was just me left playing as the other players wanted to go back to the fantasy DnD world. I tried to find new players and keep the game alive, but ultimately I failed and never received closure on what happened to my character. I like to think he was successful in both helping to restore civilization and then used advanced technology to return to his fantasy world home where he was welcome as a high-tech savior of a war-torn world.

Anyone else play any Gamma World? Were you interested in playing it? Do you just remember seeing the ads?


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