General Electric

General Electric Promises to always be there for you…

My Mom was obsessed with warranties. Her generation expected things to last and it was unacceptable when they did not. I remember when our lawnmower died and it still had some coverage, but they said that it did not apply. She was on the phone every day for a week arguing her point. In the end, we got our lawnmower fixed because of it.

I guess that is why GE would make a commercial like this where they reassure their customer that they will stand behind their products. When I think of all the products I own, I guess I have some expectation of protection, but I am pretty sure that none of the companies I do business with would promise this sort of service. And if they did, and maybe I am being over cynical, I would not trust them to actually provide it.

That’s what makes this commercial seem to quaint now.


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