Fashion for 1970s Men & Women

The Finest in Fashion for 1970s Men & Women

I have kept this ad for a while, not for the Fashion for 1970s Men & Women, which are great, but for what I see in the background. All that wood. Growing up, my Mother loved to take me shopping with her and we went to all sorts of malls and standalone stores that would rapidly change or go out of business. Still, even though they disappeared rather quickly my memories of these exotic smokey places of business still sticks with me.

Like this add, they often had a lot of wood and brass, oh and those mirrors with the bronze veins running through them. I could spend hours exploring these very non-utilitarian spaces as a kid (yes my Mom just let me explore) and I feel like today’s shopping experience often feels too sanitized and by extension boring. Which is why I often choose the experience of online shopping.

I am very happy to not have to put up with the army of smokers, but I do miss the look and feel of places like “The Hotel.”


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