The Dune Glossary Sheet That Was Given To Moviegoers in 1984!
Images courtesy of IMGUR.

The Dune Glossary Sheet That Was Given To Moviegoers in 1984!

I have lots of great memories of watching David Lynch’s 1984 film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s beloved Sci-Fi classic, Dune. I can vividly recall how entranced I was by the beginning of the film with the Princess Irulan (Virginia Madsen) giving a little backstory in the attempt to get viewers up to seed before the film started proper. I also can remember how 100% confused and miserable my Father was with the film, I mean he flat out left the auditorium numerous times to just walk around the lobby.

My love for this film is still a bone of contention in my household.

What I do NOT recall however is being handed a glossary when entering the Razorback Theater…though when the Retroist sent me this IMGUR link…I admit it stirred some memories, I think that might have been taped to the box office window. Of course we saw it on a Saturday after it opened so perhaps they had handed them all out at that point?

Images courtesy of IMGUR.
Images courtesy of IMGUR.

Dune Terminology B - IMGUR
Dune Terminology C - IMGUR
Dune Terminology D - IMGUR

I certainly wish I would have gotten one of those papers back in the day but to be honest I doubt it would have survived in such good condition in my house. While we are talking about Dune why not take about six minutes and watch this behind the scenes Super 8 film narrated by Sean Young? You’ll see Sting eating, Max Von Sydow eating, Patrick Stewart with crazy long hair, a sleepy Kyle MacLachlan, a peppy Sean Young, and a slightly nervous David Lynch and so much more!

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  1. As a kid, I went into Dune expecting Star Wars, and was put off by the trippy designs. Over time, I’ve really come to enjoy that aspect of the film. But, I can imagined how panicked the studio would have been at the time to feel the movie needed an explanatory handout. Based on the box office performance, it seems their fears were justified.

  2. When me and my friends saw Dune in theaters (in French, no glossary) one of our crew had read the novels and spent the day (and weeks afterwards) poring over story details which didn’t sink in from watching the rather confusing movie adaptation.

    Yeah, at the cinema, what started as an excited anticipation of high-end sci-fi (to match the lingering resonance of the day Star Wars exploded on the scene, years ago) quickly – and I mean ‘opening narration’ quickly – turned into a campy laughfest for the audience.
    Not a bad night out, all things considered. But far from expectations.

    No lexicon primer could’ve salvaged the movie back then.
    But years onward, I’m still fascinated by its existence.
    Grew to enjoy Lynch’s trips through surreal mindfields in mostly all his subsequent movies.
    The actors went on to better, less head-scratching, things.
    That sandy landscape is still a cosmic trip (like something out of Heavy Metal comics).
    And all in all, it’s a fine retro wine to sip and enjoy.

    And that video is Pure Spice!

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