Boo Berry, Franken Berry, And Count Chocula Have A New Look!

You might have read a post once or twice…or a dozen times…while visiting the Retroist about how all of us have a soft spot in our hearts for the Monster Cereals. Well, thanks to our friends over at General Mills we have some news about their Icon redesigns for 2014 thanks to some well known artists from DC Comics!

Images courtesy of General Mills.
Images courtesy of General Mills.

Jim Lee (X-Men, Superman Unchained) took on the task of crafting a new look for the legendary icon of that delicious blueberry-flavored cereal, Boo Berry! Boo Berry originally made his debut back in 1973 and it’s been proven by a crack team of professional cerealologists at the Retroist that it is the best tasting of the Monster Cereals! (That is completely Vic’s opinion – Ed)

Boo Berry - General Mills - DC Comics

Terry and Rachel Dodson (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman) have given the cool and chocolate cereal obessed Count Chocula a younger look this year with a cloak that might make Batman envious. The cheerful Count made his debut on grocery store shelves back in 1971 and has always had a friendly rivalry with Franken Berry.

Count Chocula - General Mills - DC Comics

Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, Superman: Red Son) was charged with giving Franken Berry a visual jolt with his new design, much like the Dodson’s design with Count Chocula this year, the Icon for this strawberry-flavored cereal looks a bit younger. Franken Berry also hit stores shelves back in 1971 and just so happens to be frightened by none other than Boo Berry.

Franken Berry - General Mills - DC Comics

Now the retro packaging that was such a big hit last year is back and an exclusive at Target and will include cut-out masks on the back of the boxes. This year Wal-Mart is getting in on the Monster Cereal fun with a free digital game on select packages of Family Sized cereals.


Now you might be wondering where Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy are this year, well, an official tweet from General Mills says they are in the vault this year but who knows what might happen in the future?

From the Official Press Release:
“Monsters Cereals are arriving on store shelves now, and this year Count Chocula™, Franken Berry™ and Boo Berry™ have a brand new look—thanks to an exciting partnership with DC Entertainment, home to DC Comics.

For the first time ever, General Mills has partnered with four DC Comics artists to redesign this year’s packaging for Monsters Cereals. DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee redesigned Boo Berry, Dave Johnson gave Franken Berry a facelift, and Terry and Rachel Dodson restyled Count Chocula. The partnership stemmed from the DC Comics artists’ love for Monsters Cereals and their enthusiasm for the opportunity to reinterpret the Monsters characters.

“There are many lifelong fans of Monsters Cereal at DC Entertainment so we were excited when the Monsters team at General Mills reached out to us to help design their packaging,” said Lee. “It’s not Halloween without Monsters, and we hope everyone loves the new designs just as much as we do.”

Since their arrival in 1971, Monster Cereals™ have become an irreplaceable part of pop culture and Halloween, and fans eagerly wait for them to hit the shelves each year.

“The DC Comics artists’ share our love for the Monster Cereals, so collaborating with them for this project was a natural fit,” said Lauren Pradhan, Big G Cereals marketing manager. “Reimaging the artwork with DC Entertainment was a highly collaborative process, and we had a lot of fun seeing the artists’ interpretations of our beloved Monsters come to life for this exclusive packaging.”

In addition to the Monsters makeover on the front of the package, DC Comics artists Sholly Fisch, Brent Schoonover and Dave McCaig also redesigned the back panels of the boxes, creating unique comic strips of Monster adventures. The packaging will be available as limited-edition collector’s items for the 2014 Halloween season.”


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