Midway’s Invaders From Outer Space (1970)
Images courtesy of Vintage Vending.

Midway’s Invaders From Outer Space (1970)

Thanks to Blinddog’s excellent post about his 1977 Guided Missile arcade game by Midway a personal mystery was solved. He just so happened to mention another Midway machine that was entitled “Invaders from Outer Space”. Reading that in his post I felt all of those rusty and worn gears in my head start to turn as I willed my fingers to type in that name in the Google search bar faster…and just like that…I was reunited with a much remembered arcade game that I played 37 years ago.

Images courtesy of Vintage Vending.
Images courtesy of Vintage Vending.

I was only able to play Invaders from Outer Space once and it wasn’t at a local arcade but in the foyer to our local Wal-Mart. I was probably about five years old and my Father had to hold me up so I could play the game, now back then I couldn’t have known that you can steer the missile on it’s way down to strike the aliens that would pop up behind a futuristic city scape. All I know is that I lucked out and actually landed a missile on an alien which resulted in a high-pitched shriek from the machine, it certainly startled me but it made my Father almost drop me it was so unexpected. It would seem that particular cabinet had the volume turned all the way up because even the cashiers and customers who were near the front door stopped in their tracks and looked our way. The very next week Invaders from Outer Space was no longer in the foyer and I’m positive that the store manager was on the phone with their distributor to get that shrieking banshee out of Wal-Mart as quickly as possible.

Invaders from Outer Space - Flyer - Vintage Vending

Invaders from Outer Space B - Flyer - Vintage Vending

Now in this video uploaded by Gary McT you won’t have to worry about the sound blowing your speakers or dropping a child you might be holding as you read this…unless you crank it up that is.

A big thanks to Vintage Vending for the photo of their restored cabinet as well as the Flyers for the arcade game, but I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Blinddog of course for giving me the answer to a personal arcade mystery.


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  1. Glad I could help you out. It’s a great looking game and the sounds are great too. When played at the appropriate level of course. I got to play it a few times. The game in the video belongs to a friend of mine. Each sound effect has it’s on volume so it can take a while to get all the different sounds dialed in correctly.

  2. Agreed, Patrick! Seriously, Blinddog, this was the one…that one game I just couldn’t get the title right in my many searches online and back then I wouldn’t have paid attention to the fact it was a Midway release. I hope someday I can get a chance to play one again! :D

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I loved these type of games as a kid. There was a haunted house one too, not quite the same but it used black light.
    Hearing the game sounds after decades was like rediscovering a favorite song.

  4. Loved those blacklight arcade treasures as a wee gamer.
    That minimalistic, neon look sparks so much delight and excitement in me, to this day.

    Might be why the visuals of the world of Tron immediately pressed my start button when the movie booted up onscreen, back in the day.

    Of all cabinets I’d have, if possible, something along the lines of the early 70s blacklight era of gaming would be top on my list.

    And I would indeed crank it up (to share some retro joy with the neighborhood).

  5. Glad you like the trip down memory lane, my friends.

    Dex1138, I’m going to have to check out that Haunted House game!

    Atari, I think you hit the nail right on the head in regards to the blacklight arcade games and why we are drawn to the visual world of Tron. If you do get your hands on this game…just don’t tell your neighbors you got the idea from me to crank up the sound. ;)

  6. This doesn’t do the best job of capturing the sound but here’s one video. You can try searching on Midway Haunted House


  7. Oh, Dex1138…thank you so much for sharing that video. To be honest it looks even more fun than Invaders from Outer Space! Am I wrong or is the lower front basically a giant speaker?

  8. Yeha, I think it is. I like Invaders better because the sound brings back memories.

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