Empire Mag Wheels for your Bike

We spent a lot of time at K-mart when I was a kid and when I got my first bike, I slowly moved from the video game and toy section to the bike section. I didn’t really look at the new bikes, but would dream of all the accessories I could put on my existing bike. The holy grail for me were these yellow Empire Mag Wheels. I must have put them on every Christmas and Birthday List for 4 years, but sadly they never materialized.



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2 thoughts on “Empire Mag Wheels for your Bike

  1. xaulted1 says:

    These made me a hero to my little brother when I got them for his birthday in 86… later than the ad, but same wheels.

  2. I remember when mag wheels were a “thing” in my neighborhood, around the mid~late 80s, though I never had any myself. I did however have a lot of bike accessories when I was a kid. I would always get some “cool” handgrips, and streamers (kinda counteract each other don’t they? Oh well, I always loved looking at the sparkly ones in the sunlight.), and when I was little I had one of those orange flags on a pole for the back of the bike. I also had this noise making handgrip deal, no batteries needed, it was like a friction motor car. You twisted the handle back hard & fast and something whirled around inside, making a pseudo-motorcycle sound.

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