Now THAT’S what I call retro: Canal lock near Honesdale, PA


Just outside Honesdale, Pennsylvania is a farm house that looked to be falling down. For years I would drive by it and think, “Shame no one tries to restore it.” It seems someone or some group has read my mind. These days when I pass by the farm house, it looks to be fully restored. There is a parking area there now and that got me curious. I pulled in, got out, and walked over to a sign explaining what this farm house is all about. It turns out to be the location of a defunct canal lock. It seems to have been decommissioned just before the 20th century arrived. The canal has since dried up, but there is plenty of water in the adjacent river. I find it interesting to see trees where boats would have been pulled through.


Sadly, the farm house was not open the day I came to visit, but check out the photos I uploaded to Flickr:

To learn more about canal locks and this lock in general:

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