Action Park is Back!

Action Park is Back!

Summer is here – time to go to Action Park! Luckily, fans of scraped knees and head injuries are in luck. Action Park is back!

I never had the chance to visit Action Park but it sounds like an amazing place; and a dangerous one at that. As the Retroist pointed out when he wrote about his experiences at Action Park, he wasn’t fully aware of the potential dangers of “Traction Park”.


Action Park has been called the most insane amusement park ever. From 1978-1996, it lived up to this claim. With numerous injuries and six deaths, it’s amazing that it was open as long as it was. By the mid-90s, declining visitation, operating without insurance, and mounting debt led to the closure of Action Park. As you’ll see in this short documentary from 2012, despite the insanity, folks still have fond memories of the park that was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The park was purchased in 1997 and operated as Mountain Creek Waterpark until 2010 when it was sold back to some of the original owners. In 2012, owners decided to rebrand the park as Action Park once again. Declaring “The Action Is Back”, the park reopened this spring. The original Action Park logo is even back in place, presumably, as a throwback to visitor’s nostalgia.

If you’re in New Jersey, stop by Action Park and pick up an “I Survived Action Park” t-shirt. Take your chances on the Tarzan Swing, Zero G, or the Alpine Mountain Coaster. Hopefully, you leave the park with all your teeth and skin intact.


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  1. Hell yes. When I was a kid I desperately wanted to go to Action Park but my buzzkill of a mother didn’t want me cracking my skull open on the Alpine slide or landing myself in the hospital in one of 100 other ways. Finally in college back in 19-(mumble mumble) I filled my car with my friends and we drove out there. A splendid time was had by all and we all escaped without serious injury. Definitely read the Wikipedia entry on this place, it’s a trip.

  2. Proud to day we did the trip as well. Loaded up a bunch a friends and had a fun day. It was rainy and about 70F but not a stormy day so all the water rides were open and the lines were nil.

    Ah the good old days. Now, we have to wear seat belts when we take our toddlers on a 2.5 mph amusement park ride that has no elevation.

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