Milton Bradley’s 1867 Zoetrope!

Image courtesy of Collector's Weekly.
Image courtesy of Collector’s Weekly.

I’ve been on vacation the last couple of days which has allowed me to not only catch up on some sleep but I’ve been able to see some prime time television to boot. The other night I caught an episode of the History Channel’s American Pickers where they happened upon a Milton Bradley Zoetrope from the late 1800s in an attic, after it was over I started searching the interwebs to see if there was anything to share. I’ve always been fascinated by movies and objects/machines capable of giving the illusion of animation, probably why I pushed so hard to do stop-motion in the video production club back in my youth.

I was more than pleased to find this video uploaded to the Magical Motion Museum’s YouTube page that let us see the actual strips that were included with the Zoetrope the American Pickers purchased on the show. They are quite beautiful.

[Via] Magical Motion Museum

Thanks to Collector’s Weekly for the image of an 1870 Milton Bradley Zoetrope!


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