What You Need to Know About The ColecoVision Flashback

What You Need to Know About The ColecoVision Flashback

ColecoVision is returning to store shelves this October with the release of the ColecoVision Flashback. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Flashback because it was the first console that my family owned. I spent many hours racking up points on Mouse Trap, Zaxxon, Donkey Kong Jr., and Time Pilot. This plug-and-play console, similar to the Atari Flashback, will offer 60 iconic Coleco titles, some with custom overlays, for only $39.99. It’s a retro gamer’s dream come true – and just in time for Christmas!

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An unconfirmed list of titles has been reported by Armchair Arcade. They also report that an exclusive version of the console will be available through Dollar General and Sam’s Club. I can confirm that the ColecoVision Flashback will be available nationwide and in Canada with future plans to expand worldwide. The Flashback is already available for pre-order on the Toys “R” Us website.

Mark Thomann, managing partner of Coleco Holdings LLC* and CEO of River West Brands, told me that the Flashback is just the starting point for the return of the Coleco brand. While the Flashback is a great way for nostalgic fans of ColecoVision to reconnect with their favorite console, he wants to introduce a new generation to the brand. “Coleco is #1 and shouldn’t be forgotten,” said Thomann.


He hopes that new technologies will lend themselves to innovative and exciting new Coleco titles. Expect to see the Coleco brand on handheld devices with apps and content from indie game developers. He’s willing to invest in the brand because, “Gaming needs something like Coleco again; when gaming was much more about family and values.”

With so many violent video games saturating the market, he’d like to see Coleco given ‘The Good Housekeeping seal for safe, family, friendly gaming’.

For fans who are looking to return to a time when gaming was a little safer and a lot more fun, the ColecoVision Flashback offers a number of different titles. Unfortunately, licensing issues mean that not all of your favorite games will be available. Given Thomann’s vision for Coleco, there are exciting things on the horizon.

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Visit the ColecoVision website: http://coleco.vision

*Coleco Holdings are owners of Coleco, ColecoVision, Head to Head, and Electronic Quarterback brands.

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  1. No Smurfs?! Letdown.

  2. I was disappointed that the Smurfs game wasn’t included but there are plenty of other titles to pique my interest.

  3. Pepper II is alone worth the price of the entire system.

  4. Yeah. Bummer we won’t get DK or DK Jr or even Popeye. Fingers crossed it will have a coleco on a chip type setup with the possibility of soldering a cartridge port but not holding my breath. But Venture and Pepper II? Totally in.

  5. I’d love a Nintendo Flashback with both NES and SNES games. And a Genesis Flashback would be cool, too.

  6. @Dated Gamer I’d love to have DK Jr. again. I’m bummed that Mouse Trap and Time Pilot aren’t on the list. Zaxxon alone is worth the cost of the console for me. I’m just looking forward to using one of those controllers again. I have a feeling it will take some getting used to after using more modern game controllers for so long.

  7. Maybe not. The first time I used an original dual shock controller I was reminded of the feel of the ol coleco nub.

  8. I have a 2600 flashback & a sega genesis flashback, the latter of which can use real cartridges (though not real controllers, despite claims to the contrary). The thing is, I haven’t played either one since january. The concept is great, the problems are 1) The games provided are less than ideal (and only half or so are “real” games, with the remainder being low grade homebrews) and 2) The wireless controllers (which use infrared & have to be pointed directly at the system the whole time. If yopu get into the game too much & tip the controller while playing, it stops working until you coreect it, which might be after you missed the jump, didn’t dodge the missile, or died in some other similar manner).

  9. My Coleco (barely working) can get Smurf to play. I’ll stack these two together for the ultimate system.

  10. Not surprised the franchised titles like Smurfs and Popeye have been left out (No DK, though? Ouch – this was the console launch’s crown jewel).
    But plenty of titles to make it more than worth grabbing it.

    Just hope this is as faithful to the originals as possible, and not just a port of the ROMs to some new chipset.

    And *really* hope the controller issue Drahken mentioned is not occurring with this kit.
    I like my retro goodness corded and properly wired for my convenience, thank you very much future tech sirs.

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