This is the way it began. That extraordinary night; the night “Alf” came.


I was recently searching online for a quote that I vaguely remember Alf making many many years ago. During that search I stumbled upon the Springfield! Springfield! website which holds episode transcripts for all three seasons of Alf (or A.L.F. or Alien Life Form).

Reading through various episodes is a peculiar experience, largely thanks to the lack of stage direction but there are some gags which jump of the page:

Trevor, is there such a thing as a cross between a kangaroo and an aardvark?
Ah, stop putting yourself down.

It’s actually quite a fun game to read the script, try to guess what is happening and then watch the episode. My recollection of episode one was very sketchy!

If Alf isn’t your thing, the Springfield! Springfield! website has a huge library of film and TV scripts for your enjoyment and is worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of The Simpsons (as you might have guessed!).

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