Scream Factory Presents: Without Warning (1980)

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Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

Are you ready for a horror movie that has connections with Halloween, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Roller Boogie, The Thing, City Slickers, Mission Impossible, Predator, Night Gallery, F-Troop, Jurassic Park and CSI: Miami? Then our friends at Scream Factory have JUST the film for you because tomorrow they are going to release Without Warning as a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, it’s home entertainment debut in fact after just a mere three decades!

Without Warning was directed by Greydon Clark (Joysticks, Final Justice) and stars Jack Palance (Young Guns, City Slickers), Martin Landau (Mission Impossible, Ed Wood), Christopher S. Nelson (Roller Boggie), Tarah Nutter(Bitter Harvest), David Caruso (First Blood, CSI: Miami), Cameron Mitchell (Night Gallery), and Larry Storch (F-Troop). It deals with a group of people that are being silently and savagely hunted for sport by an alien visitor, no I’m not talking about the Predator but the actor who plays the Alien in the film IS the late great Kevin Peter Hall (Predator, Harry and the Hendersons, Misfits of Science)! The Alien dispatches it’s victims by hurling fleshy creatures, kind of like a ninja star jellyfish, that latch onto whatever they strike with very sharp teeth and then plunging tentacled stingers into their prey to stun them they begin to feast.

While the large cast of characters are there for various reasons, the main story focuses on a group of teenagers just trying to get away for the weekend for some camping. It probably would have turned out better for them if they had listened to the creepy warnings given by Joe Taylor (Jack Palance). The Alien strikes at the campers pretty quickly and soon the teenagers are on the run for their lives, seeking shelter in a diner where they meet up with Fred ‘Sarge’ Dobbs, the only person remotely sympathetic to their pleas for help…or at least seemingly sympathetic.

Landau and Palance are the real joys of this films, you can clearly tell they are having fun with their characters and eating up the scenery, its almost as if they are trying to see which can come across as the most crazed.

As to be expected with a Scream Factory release it has been loaded with special features:

Audio Commentary with Producer/Director Greydon Clark
New Interviews with:
– Cinematographer Dean Cundey
– Co-Writer/Co-Producer Daniel Grodnik
– Special Make-Up Effects Creator Greg Cannom
– Actors Christopher S. Nelson and Tarah Nutter
Original Theatrical Trailer
Still Gallery

There is still time pre-order your copy by visiting the Scream Factory link up top!


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