Everyone come join the fun at the Greater Westchester County Fair


If you grew up in the New York Tri-state area in the 1980s and owned a television, then I am sure you are well-acquainted with this ad for the Greater Westchester County Fair. I am not sure what sort of music the theme song is, maybe hoedown music, but whatever it was it was an earworm that wouldn’t leave my ear all summer. A couple of times I asked if my family could take a trip there, but it was met with little enthusiasm despite the promise of “rides, attractions and non-stop action.”

It felt oddly out-of-place to advertise the fair in such a countrified manner since it was being held Yonkers, but for me, that only added to the mystique.

Here are two commercials with the same music that ran during the 1980s.


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One thought on “Everyone come join the fun at the Greater Westchester County Fair

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve never been to this, but like you, the song was stuck in my head every time the commercial played on TV. For me, it was associated with good times, so hearing it again makes me feel good.

    And yes, very out of place in New York. Especially that area.

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