Optimus Prime…Stained Glass Lamp???

Image courtesy of Technabob.
Image courtesy of Technabob.

You will certainly have “The Touch” if you get your hands on this Optimus Prime Stained Glass Lamp by 3rdEdgeStainedGlass! Though sadly that is the kicker, this lamp is no longer available for purchase but at least we Transformer fans can bask in the beauty of these photos.

Optimus Prime B - Stained Glass - Technabob

This beautiful piece of illuminated art took over 80 hours to construct by the artist and while you can no longer get your hands on it, you certainly have a chance to hop over to the artist’s Etsy page and purchase the latest piece of art, for that Star Wars fan in your life.

Image courtesy of 3rdEdgeStainedGlass.
Image courtesy of 3rdEdgeStainedGlass.

A huge thanks to Technabob for the heads up on these awesome lamps!


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