Early Ad for a Video Rental Store in 1980

I am not sure when the first video rental store appeared in my hometown, but it was certainly not in early 1980. I clipped this ad because I enjoy the language and angle they are using. This is so early in what will become a major, and now dead industry, so it is interesting to see how they approached the business.

Firstly they try to work off high fuel prices to make an argument for home video and then they promise to sell you a video tape recorder wholesale, but with one stipulation. You need to rent, or as they say preview, 72 movies from them for $9.95 each. That number seems awfully high, but I am sure that this early in the video rental game, these numbers made sense.

I am not sure what happened to this particular trailblazing company. I wonder how quickly they changed their business model or if they stuck to this system and were eventually left behind.


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